Bookmakers all over the world are trying to attract punters and focus their attention on the latest betting offers. However, with the numerous online sports betting sites on the market, there is little which hasn’t yet been invented and attempted by these providers. Some of the most popular such offers both in the UK and globally are the free bets options. These come in several shapes and each serve a different purpose, i.e. each fit a different type of bettor profile.


The best way to understand these free bets offers is to know which types are present on the market. But first of all, let’s try to define it. Obviously, it is something which you get in exchange for nothing on your part, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it wisely. SBAT’s super 6 tips are just one way to maximize your profit at no risk. After all, free bets are bonus money which bookmakers give to their bettors in order to entice them to spend it.

Matched Free Bets – This type of free bet generally means that the bookmakers keep track of your initial bet from your online sports betting account. Namely, they are aware of the amount of your primary bet (e.g. £20) and they give you some free money to bet once again of the same amount. Some online sports betting sites only match a certain percentage of the initial bet, but there are others who reach up to 200%.

Deposit Match Free Bets – Same, but different from the previous one. This free bet offer is related to the initial deposit you have put in your account, rather than the initial bet you’ve made. Bookmakers can match these deposits according to various percentages, but they tend to impose a limit. If the primary deposit exceeds it (e.g. £200), they will not provide the bettor with deposit match free bets.

No Deposit Match – This offer is even better than the last two. Here, you are not required to spend a single dime. In fact, all you have to do is sign up and wait for money to come your way.

Keep Stake – Although it’s common with such free bets for online sports betting sites to keep the free bet stake, this offer lets you keep the profit, plus the stake, which is basically your free bet.


It looks too good to be true, but don’t get yourself fooled, as there are strings attached to each one of the types above. For one, there is a withdrawal turnover rule, which means you need to spend several times the amount of your original free bet in order to be able to withdraw the profits.

Time limits are also frequently imposed by UK bookmakers, meaning you are advised to use the free balances before the end of a specific period.